Sermon Notes 2021 09 12 AM

September 12, 2021 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#3 in series)

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Engage the Kingdom

Matthew 4:12-17


Key Idea: It’s not about our __; it’s about His __.


How did people receive the message of the kingdom?


Question 1: Where does the kingdom fit into the __ of God?

Question 2: What is the kingdom of God?

“The kingdom is the spiritual reign or __ of God.” – The Concise Oxford Dictionary

“The kingdom of God is God’s sovereign activity in the world resulting in people being in right __ with Him.” – Vance Pitman

“The kingdom is the range of God’s __ will where what He wants done is done.” – Dallas Willard

Question 3: Why did Jesus say the kingdom was at __?

Question 4: How do you enter the kingdom and who are the __?

Question 5: What does it look like to __ in the kingdom?

Question 6: How does the kingdom __?

Question 7: Does the kingdom ever __?