Sermon Notes 2021 11 14 AM

November 14, 2021 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#5 in series)

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Societal Trends, Role Reversal, and a Need for Biblical Modeling Among the Sexes, Part 1

Genesis 1:27


My three goals for the next two messages:

1) To bring __ to a problem that’s decimating families and individuals.

2) To let hurting people know there is help and hope in the gospel.

3) To provide biblical insights to help you __ with God and those you love on a meaningful level.


Problem 1:
God’s __ and God’s __ are under attack. There is a relentless and destructive message coming through the channels of culture that being a man is __ and being a woman is not __.


What does that mean to be made in God’s image?

It means we’re made to __ God. Mentally, morally, and socially, we’re made in God’s likeness.

  •  __, we’re created with the ability to reason and choose.
  • Morally, we were created in righteousness as a reflection of God’s holiness.
  • __, we’ve been created for relationship and community.


There are seven recognized channels of culture:
- __
- social sector
- __ 
- church
- education
- arts and entertainment
- media


Problem 2:
Our society is experiencing a vacuum of __ young men, due in part to role reversal, __ manhood, and encouraging __ role models.


What is the answer?

1) Christian men must __ God’s design for biblical manhood.

2) Christian men must teach and __ these truths before their kids.