Sermon Notes 2021 11 21 PM

November 21, 2021 PM
Paul Gotthardt

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Why Do We Struggle with Gratefulness?


Key Truth: We grumble when we __ God’s grace and focus on our view of __.


Three words describe why the workers were upset:

  • __
    I did more than someone else.
  • Fairness
    I deserve more than someone else.
  • __
    I want more than someone else.


You __ what you __ one.


If you’re wondering if you’re a “grumbler,” the likelihood goes up with these three traits:

  • Grumblers are never content with what they __.
  • Grumblers have an excuse for everything.
  • Grumblers believe that life is __ against them.


What’s the cure for a grumbling heart?

  • Thank God for His __ and grace.
  • Don't allow comparisons to define your view of fairness.
  • Remember that God rewards __.