Sermon Notes 2021 12 05 PM

December 05, 2021 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(Ordination Service)

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Asking to Be Used

Philippians 1:1-2


Contained within the four chapters of Philippians, we discover the principles of being used by God and secrets for staying joyful within the journey.


How can you be greatly used by God?

1) Allow __ to define your life. (v. 1)

When humility defines your life, God doesn’t have to worry about three attitudes hindering His work:

Attitude #1: This task is __ me.
Attitude #2: No one will see me.
Attitude #3: I __ better than God.

2) Develop a __ mentality. (v. 1)


3) Refuse to let __ deter you. (v. 1)


4) Minister out of the __ of your relationship with God. (v. 2)