Sermon Notes 2022 04 24 AM

April 24, 2022
Paul Gotthardt
(#7 in series) 

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Equipped: God's Design for Marriage


Ephesians 5:22-23


Key Thought: __ are found at the __.


Key Truth: God’s basic design for marriage can be expressed in three words: __, cleave, and __.

  • Leave __ and mother
  • Cleave to your __
  • Weave together so that the two become one for __.


Reflection: If you’re married, engaged to be married, or thinking about marriage, I cannot overemphasize the importance of spending some time with God’s design. Talk to each other about God’s design: leave, cleave, and weave.

  • Do we __ it?
  • Have we strayed from God’s design?
  • Are other relationships __ out our relationship with each other?
  • Are we making a concerted effort to unite together, or have we gotten into a “mine and yours” mentality?
  • Is our relationship defined as two __ one or one __ for two?