Sermon Notes 2022 05 01 AM

May 01, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#8 in series)


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Equipped: God’s Instructions for Wives 


Ephesians 5:22-24, 33


In Genesis 2:24, God shared His design for marriage that can be summarized in three words: Leave, Cleave, and Weave.


Five contextual perimeters:
__, Section, __, Subject, __


The BOOK: There are three major themes that are emphasized in the book of Ephesians.

  • All Christians are __ together in the Body of Christ.
  • All Christians have everything they need in Christ.
  • All Christians are called to live out these spiritual truths for the __ of the Father, the building up of the Body, and the advancement of God's Kingdom.


The SECTION: Ephesians is clearly divided into two sections.

  • Correct __ : Chapters 1-3 describe the contents of our “spiritual account” in Christ.
  • Correct __ : Chapters 4-6 provide application for what we've been given.


The CHAPTER: Based on context and the complete picture of
chapter 5, both men and women are told to love with agape love,
be subject to one other, and take the selfless path of wisdom.


The SUBJECT: The subject in verses 22-33 is __. 
Marriage is JUST ONE area where God can be glorified through us in everyday life.


The VERSES: God's instructions for husbands and wives are not
about worth, value, favoritism, or sexism. It's all about order and
design, and how God can be most glorified in our marriages.

It's important to see that throughout this section, husbands and wives are reminded of their __, not their __.


Conclusion/Reflection: What can you do if you want what God wants but that's not where you are?

  • __ to God
  • Abide in Christ
  • __ to your spouse
  • Start today