Sermon Notes 2022 05 08 AM

May 08, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#9 in series)

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EQUIPPED: God’s Instructions for Wives and Husbands

Ephesians 5:25-33


Key Thought: These __ commands given to believers in chapter 5 mirror the __ commands given to husbands and wives in marriage.



How does Jesus love the Church? This list is not exhaustive, but it helps us see a few specific ways that Christ loved the Church.

  • Jesus loved us when we were __. 
    He pursued us even when we were antagonistic towards Him and hateful of Him.
  • He sacrificed everything for us, didn't give up on us, and always has our best interest in mind.
  • He didn't make us __ His love; He loves us with an unconditional acceptance. He pursues us with grace and mercy and truth.
  • He doesn't withhold His love until we do everything right.
    When we mess up, He's always waiting.
  • He doesn't load us up with unrealistic __.
    He says, “Be with Me. Abide in Me. Rest in Me.”



Key Truth: Intimacy grows in __, but it is stifled in __.



If you're wrestling with these truths, here are two questions for perspective:

1) Are these instructions written from the __ of responsibilities or rights?

2) Aren't you __ God doesn't __ you that way?



Reflection Questions: Take these thoughts home, think over them, and act based on the leading of God's Spirit.

  • Have my dreams, desires, and plans become a list of expectations for my spouse?
  • If marriage is a microcosm of Christ and His Church, what is currently getting in the way of the world seeing Christ in my marriage?