Sermon Notes 2022 05 22 AM

May 22, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#1 in series)


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Jesus On Prayer: Model Prayer


Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4


Key Concept: Our prayers are more __ when we think God first, others second, and me third.


How do we start praying with focus and intensity on God’s kingdom and God’s will?

1) Make the goal of your life to __ God.

2) Keep __ everything to God.

3) Pray as He __.


Go where the Spirit __ you and pray __.


Three ways our prayers become self-centered instead of


  • Short- __ Prayers

                These prayers place our comfort at the center of God’s activity in the world.

  • __-motivated Prayers

                These prayers confuse selfish desires with concern for others.

  • __ Prayers

                Not all prayer requests are directed to God. Sometimes we pray “at” others.



1) Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you every time your prayers turn selfish.

2) Ask God to use this message series to revive, enhance, and strengthen each person’s prayer life.