Sermon Notes 2022 05 29 PM

May 29, 2022 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(#21 in series)


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Galatians: God’s Path to Spiritual Growth


Galatians 4:1-11


To show God's path for spiritual growth, Paul reminds us what life was like before Christ, what happened when we met Christ, and who we are as a result of that encounter. The following points elaborate on those distinctions.


  • Until the date set by the Father, we were __ of sin held under the guardian of the Law. (vv. 1-3)


  • When the fullness of time came, we were __ by God's Son and adopted as sons of God. (vv. 4-5)

– It was the right time __.

– It was the right time culturally.

– It was the right time __.


Jesus did not redeem us to make us His __; He redeemed us to make us His son!


Because we are sons of God, we are treated as __ of the King. (vv. 6-11)


Each of the following statements will contrast the difference between being a slave and being a son. Each statement is about positional truth.

– A son has the same __ as the father; a slave does not.
– The son obeys out of love; the servant obeys out of fear.
– The son is __; the servant is poor.
– The son has a future; the servant does not.


Reflection/Response: How do we make sure that we stay on God's path for spiritual growth?

  • Make the goal of your life to __ God and your daily goal to spend __ with God.
  • Preach the gospel to yourself daily.
  • Continue to grow __ the gospel.