Sermon Notes 2022 06 05 AM

June 05, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#3 in series)


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Jesus On Prayer: Believing Prayer


Mark 11:15-24; Matthew 21:18-22


Jesus uses the cursing of the fig tree to illustrate two
types of condemnation:

1) He condemns __ without fulfillment.
2) He condemns profession without __.


What did Jesus teach the disciples about faith and prayer?

  • Effective prayer requires our faith to __ be in God.

(vv. 21-22)

When our faith is FIRST in God, we trust that His answers are right, His __ is perfect, His will is good, and His way is best.

God’s __ should not distract us from God.

  • Effective prayer requires us to have faith in __ answer to our prayers. (vv. 23-24)


We cannot doubt God’s __ and expect to walk
in God’s __.



What mountain do you need God to remove?
Sit down at the feet of Jesus, lean in, and listen again to His advice: “Have faith in God.”


When God promises, God __.