Sermon Notes 2022 06 05 PM

June 05, 2022 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(#22 in series)

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Galatians: When Truth Hurts


Galatians 4:12-20


Key Statement: __ you respond to truth determines __ you continue to receive truth.


A few thoughts before digging into the text:

  • All __ is not about truth.
  • Truth doesn’t have to be __ directed to be personally __.
  • The __ of relationships means that distance often accompanies offense.


What should we remember when receiving truth that hurts?

  • Being offended by truth will change the way we __ people. (vv. 12-16)
  • __ truth is susceptible to undetected lies. (vv. 12-20)

“Satan has many __ at his disposal, but a __ is the handle that fits everyone.”

  • When the truth hurts, we should prayerfully reflect upon the __ of those who shared it. (vv. 17-20)



Test what you __ against what God __.