Sermon Notes 2022 07 03 AM

July 03, 2022 AM
Tim Johnson

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Guard Your Heart


Proverbs 4:20-27


Key Truth: Wisdom follows a path that leads to a Person.
The path is __, and the Person is __.


In verses 1-13: Seek after __.
In verses 14-19: Avoid temptation and __.


  • Your heart is the __ of your life, and everything you do __ from it.
  • Our hearts __ who we really are.
  • What comes out of our hearts is __ of what we put into them.


1) We must view our heart as the __ of our life.


2) We must see our heart as a precious treasure worthy of __.
"The hardest part of a missionary career it to maintain regular prayerful Bible study. Satan will always find you something to do when you ought to be occupied about that--even if it is only arranging a window blind!" --Hudson Taylor


3) We must __ the throne of our heart to its Creator and fix our eyes on Him.