Sermon Notes 2022 07 10 AM

July 10, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#1 in series)

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The Sacraments: Communion


Luke 22:14-20



The sacraments of baptism and communion are simple practices __ by Jesus and graciously given to the church, which reflect Christ's __ of sinners and symbolize God's inner work in the lives of believers. The sacraments reflect a reality far beyond water, bread, and wine for those who have eyes to see and a heart to understand.


To understand Communion, we need to understand Passover.


1) Why is Passover __?

2) What was the __ of Passover?


Each cup represented one of the promises of redemption given by God just before Israel's deliverance from Egypt (Exodus 6:6-8):


  • Cup One: Corresponds with God's promise, “I will __ you…”
  • Cup Two: Corresponds with God's promise, “I will deliver you…”
  • Cup Three: Corresponds with God's promise, “I will __ you…”
  • Cup Four: Corresponds with God's promise, “And I will take you to be my people.”


3) What makes Communion a __?

Communion is not a picture of __; it's a reminder of __.


4) What is __ through Communion?