Sermon Notes 2022 08 21 AM

August 21, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#3 in series)

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Undivided: Trials and Faith


James 1:2-4


“A faith that cannot be __ is a faith that cannot be __.”


Question 1: __ being tested?


Question 2: What happens when your __ is tested?


Question 3: __ is faith being tested?

If Satan can __ our faith, he can __ our lives.


The enemy uses circumstances and forgetfulness to create cracks of doubt in our very basic beliefs about God.


Prior to placing saving faith in Jesus, every Christian believes at least four things about God.

1) God is __.

2) God has truthfully and accurately __ Himself.

3) God sovereignly created the world and __ governs His creation.

4) God is personal and desires to be __.


Question 4: What do you __ when your faith is tested?

  • Don't __ from the process.
  • Don't rush the growth because you hate the pain.
  • Remember that your values determine your evaluations.
  • Ask God to help you see it from His perspective.
  • Consider it __ joy.
  • Recognize that the trial is testing your faith.
  • If Satan can break our faith, he can bulldoze our lives.
  • Recognize that the enemy is using your __ (exhaustion, impatience, and stretched understanding) and your forgetfulness to cause you to doubt your very basic beliefs about God (His existence, His veracity, His involvement, and His relationship with us).