Sermon Notes 2022 10 16 PM

October 16, 2022 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(#1 in series)

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In Christ: The Story at Ephesus 


Ephesians 1:1-2


Paul's apostleship would convey at least three ideas with the original audience.

1) He __ to Christ.

2) He was sent __ by Christ.

3) He had __ from Christ.


Paul defines Christians in three ways. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, said that these qualities define the “irreducible minimum of what constitutes a Christian.”

1) Christians are __.

2) Christians are __.

3) Christians are __ Christ.


Being in Christ is a statement of __. It describes someone who is __ to Christ in such unity that what is true of Him is also true of us.


KEY DEFINITION: A Christian is someone who is set apart by God, __ in faith to the gospel, remaining __ to the process, and whose life is found in Christ.


The purpose of the letter is found in the primary themes of this letter.

  • Theme 1: All Christians are __ together in the Body of Christ.
  • Theme 2: All Christians have __ they need in Christ. 

When basic __ has occurred, each Christian is as spiritually __ as they want to be.

  • Theme 3: All Christians are called to live out these spiritual truths for the __ of the Father, the building up of the Body, and the __ of God's kingdom.