Sermon Notes 2022 11 27 AM

November 27, 2022 AM
Ken Bevel

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In His Footsteps
Jesus: Heart of Compassion


Matthew 9:36-38


Types of compassion:

  • Hamal: an emotional response which may result in meeting a __ need or removing a person from a difficult __ (Exodus 2:6; 2 Samuel 21:7)
  • Raham: to love __ or to have __ (Deuteronomy 30:3; 2 Kings 13:23; Isaiah 54:8)
  • Splanchnizomai – to be __ down to your innermost being


How did Jesus respond?

1) Jesus was deeply moved because of their __.

2) Jesus saw beyond the physical and saw their __ need.

3) Jesus did not see a social problem, but a spiritual __.

4) Jesus directed the disciples to __ to the Lord.

5) Jesus asked for __.


What are we to do?

1) Ask the Lord to help us to see the __.

2) Ask the Lord of the harvest to fill our hearts with __.

3) Ask the Lord to move us to __ for the cause of Jesus Christ.