Sermon Notes 2022 11 27 PM

November 27, 2022 AM
Ken Bevel

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In His Footsteps
Jesus: The Example of Humble Submission


Matthew 26:36-46; 1 Peter 2:21-23


Matthew 26:36-46
In the Garden of Gethsemane


  • Jesus was __ and distressed.
  • Jesus made __ to God.
  • Jesus __ Himself to the will of the Father.


In our moments of distress, the Holy Spirit reminds us of God’s __. (Psalm 18:2; 62:8; 91:1-16)


1 Peter 2:21-23
Peter’s Guidance to the Saints


1) Jesus left the __ for humble submission.


2) The example is for us to __.

Following implies actions on our parts and is intimately linked with the concept of __. The disciple expresses __ by immediately obeying daily, daily decisions to follow the commands and examples of Jesus. (Matthew 4:21-22; 9:9; 10:38; John 8:12)


3) Jesus’ example calls us to __ our personal behavior (living a life of holiness).


4) Jesus’ example calls us to monitor our __ to others (living a life with forgiveness and without retaliation).


5) Jesus’ example calls us to __ ourselves to God.