Sermon Notes 2023 01 08 PM

January 08, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt

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A Night of Worldview: The Importance of Worldview

What are preliminary thoughts about our worldview nights?

What are personal concerns related to the Church and culture? I’m concerned that...

  • Christians are losing their ability to __ difficult information through a biblical lens.
  • Christians are struggling to discern between cultural __ and Christian __.
  • Christians are primarily taught how to answer __ questions, not __ questions (and definitely not the world's questions).
  • Christians are rapidly losing their __ for knowing truth and their __ to stand for truth.
  • __ or disengaged Christians are adding to the __ instead of being a part of the solution.
  • Our society has lost the ability to have __, meaningful conversations without hurling __, name calling, or making threats.
  • There are too few __ (if any) for Christians to discuss big/controversial issues in a __ environment.
  • Some Christians are more tied to a __ party than representing Jesus and __ values.

What are the goals of the worldview nights?

1) To __ believers

2) To foster a biblical worldview

3) To show the beauty and the relevance of the __

4) To prayerfully seek to understand God's heart

5) To encourage believers to act in __

What are some guidelines of the worldview nights?

1) Be __.

2) Speak what is __.

3) I reserve the right to table any conversation that's doing more harm than good.

What are my predictions for the worldview nights?

What is a worldview, and why should Christians develop a biblical worldview?

A worldview is how you __ the world.

There are eight primary categories that come together to create a worldview:

1) __ / Environment

2) Religion / Spirituality

3) __ / Development

4) Relationships / Experience

5) __ / Institutions

6) Science / Technology

7) __ / Vocation

8) Community / Government

A biblical worldview is seeing the world from God's __ as revealed in __.

A biblical worldview is inseparably linked together with the __ of Scripture.

There are two reasons Christians believe or act in opposition to Scripture:

1) __: We don't know what Scripture says.

2) __: We reject what Scripture says.

What are the basic steps for developing a biblical worldview?

1) Actively pursue an intimate __ with God through Jesus Christ.

2) Study Scripture (contextually and completely) as it relates to a topic.

3) __ God's perspective as your perspective.

4) If anything seems to contradict God's perspective—give Him the benefit of the doubt, trust Him, and wait for clarity.

5) Intentionally __ with and __ from those who are on the same path.

6) Repeat this process for the rest of your life.