Sermon Notes 2023 01 29 PM

January 29, 2022 AM
Paul Gotthardt

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A Night of Worldview: Deconstructing Faith


Part 1: What are the key ideas that need to be reestablished for tonight?

Part 2: Let’s explain the idea of deconstructing faith.

There are 4 primary ways Christians use the term deconstruction.

1. Deconstructing __
2. Deconstructing __
3. Deconstructing __ Influences to __ Historic Christianity
4. Deconstructing Non-Christian __ to Discover Historic Christianity

Why are some people abandoning the faith? Why are some people angry and frustrated in the faith? Why are Christians dismantling their former belief system that was not anchored in biblical Christianity?

1. Christians are rarely trained in __, critical __ skills, and how to work through __ and hard questions.
2. Many Christians have become __ or disillusioned with the version of Christianity they’ve encountered that is not historically biblical in orthodoxy or __.
3. There is a lack of __ in the church and an emphasis on attractional services that create __ minded Christians.
4. __ (who claimed to be Christians) are revealing by their actions that they were never Christians.
5. Another issue has been the __ lives of Christian __ who profess Christ but live like functional atheists.
6. Part of the issue is called “__ deconstruction.” It’s a cultural __ encouraging people to abandon churches and their childhood faith.

Part 3: How should we respond to deconstructing Christians?

• __
• __
• __
• __
• __