Sermon Notes 2023 02 12 AM

February 12, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#9 in series)

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Undivided: Winning the Battle with Temptation


James 1:12-18


Temptation is anything that influences you to __ God. Temptation is an opportunity to accomplish a __ thing in a __ way.


The word for “trials” has the basic meaning of trying, testing, proving, or temptation. It can have positive, negative, or neutral connotations (depending on the context).


In verses 1-12, James speaks of __ on the outside.
In verses 13-27, James speaks of __ on the inside.


James describes the process of sin in four stages:

Stage 1: __ (v. 14)
Stage 2: __ (vv. 14, 16)
Stage 3: __ (v. 15)
Stage 4: __ (v. 15)


James provides steps for resisting temptation:

Step 1: Do not be deceived. Think with the __ in mind.
Step 2: Do not be deceived. If it’s good and perfect, God will __ it.
Step 3: Do not be deceived. Good is always good, regardless of __.
Step 4: Do not be deceived. The __ are born from above and have His nature.