Sermon Notes 2023 04 23 PM

April 23, 2023 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(#9 in series)

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In Christ: The Story of Redemption


Ephesians 2:1-3


God’s __ requires God’s __.


To show us that God’s power is unlimited, the Apostle Paul uses four Greek words for power in verse 19 and then five verses to explain this power. He spoke of…

  1. Dunamis (power): God’s unlimited power available to Christians
  2. Energeia (working): the energizing force of the Spirit that empowers believers to do as God desires
  3. Kratos (strength): the strength necessary to overcome whatever stands in the way
  4. Ischus (might): strength which one has as latent power; endowed power or ability


Key Truth: Humanity is separated from God by sin and incapable of __ the relationship.


Paul uses three descriptions to show why humanity is separated from God. Apart from Christ, we are…

  • __ in trespasses and sins
  • __ to the lusts of the flesh
  • By nature children of __


Apart from Christ, we are…

  • Dead in trespasses and sins (v. 1)


Important thoughts:

  1. God does not judge based on __ standard of goodness.
  2. How __ is good __?



  • Salvation is not __ because of how bad we’ve sinned!
  • Salvation is not __ because of how good we’ve been!
  • Salvation is a gift of grace made possible by the __ work of Jesus.