Sermon Notes 2023 06 11 AM

June 11, 2023 AM
Ken Bevel

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Standing Firm 


Hebrews 10:19-25


The writer of Hebrews reiterates the __ of Jesus Christ to a generation of believers and the dangers of __ away from the truth of the gospel.


The superiority of Christ over things previously learned:

1) Superiority over __

2) Superiority over __

3) Superiority over __

4) Superiority over the __

5) Superiority over the __


Jesus Christ is __ and __ for every situation.

1) Superior to our __

2) Superior to our __

3) Superior to our __

4) Superior to our __


Through the blood of Jesus Christ, we now have:

1) An __ into the presence of God

2) __ to eternal redemption

3) An __ who sits at the right hand of God


1. Let Us __ (approach)

Acceptance of the invitation with a confident trust in what God has promised


2. Let Us __ (keep secure)

Continuously communicating our commitment to Jesus and publicly acknowledging our relationship


3. Let Us __ (look at attentively)

Caring about others crossing the finish line