Sermon Notes 2023 07 09 PM

July 09, 2023 PM
Alan Gotthardt
(#1 in series)

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The Character of Christ: The All-Satisfying Bread 


John 6:25-27, 35


Jesus didn’t come to give bread, but to __ bread.


You need Jesus in the __ a lot more than you need the storm to __.


The people saw Jesus as __ and not __.


We were meant to see the signs and desire more of __, not more things for __.


Work for the food that endures to eternal life:

1) I am this __ that leads to eternal life.

2) There is no amount of __ you can do that will make you willing to __.


“If you aim at heaven you’ll get __ thrown in, but if you aim at __ you’ll get neither.” – C. S. Lewis


The difference between will-power and joy-power:

Will-Power: using your __ to elevate or suppress a desire

Joy-Power: a greater joy __ yourself that helps you prioritize your desires