Sermon Notes 2023 08 20 AM

August 20, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#18 in series)

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Undivided: More Than Words, Part 3 


James 3:1-12


BIG TRUTH: What we say reveals who we are, the direction we take, the impact we make, the one we trust, and the clarity of our witness.


  • What we say reveals who we are... (v. 2)


  • What we say reveals...the direction we take... (vv. 3-5a)


  • What we say reveals...the impact we make... (vv. 5b-6)


__ ends when it hits the ears of a __ person.


Verse 6 presents four major elements that speak of the tongue’s danger.

1) The tongue is the very world of __.

2) The tongue defiles the entire body.

3) The tongue sets the __ of our life on fire.

4) The tongue is continually set on fire by hell.


  • What we say reveals...the one we trust... (vv. 7-8)


People cannot tame their tongue, but God can tame it if they submit to Him. Ultimately, do we trust ourselves or do we trust God?


  • What we say reveals...the clarity of our witness. (vv. 9-12)


Are we making it __ or __ for people to believe the gospel based on what we say?


REFLECTION: Ask God to help you honestly answer these questions. What are your next steps?

  • Am I __ about and continually submitting my speech to God?
  • Can I be trusted with another person’s reputation?
  • Am I starting, listening to, and/or spreading __?
  • Am I guilty of flattery?
  • Is __ using me to bring division, disunity, or destruction?
  • Is Satan using me to be his voice for criticism?
  • Are my words truthful, honest, and __?
  • Do I build people up or tear people down with my words?
  • Am I excusing my speech because of my hurt?
  • If the last month of my conversations were recorded and shown in public, would __ be represented well through my life?
  • What is God __ me to do NOW?