Sermon Notes 2023 09 03 AM

September 03, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#20 in series)

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Undivided: Worldly Wisdom


James 3:14-16


BIG QUESTION: “Who among you is wise and understanding?”


Big Truth 1: When asserting wisdom, our claims are evaluated by our conduct. (v. 13)


Big Truth 2: When pursuing wisdom, our course is determined by our source. (vv. 14-18)


Four reasons people seek worldly wisdom:

1) __
2) Flexibility
3) __
4) Popularity


  • The __ of worldly wisdom (v. 14)


James mentions two motivating factors: bitter jealousy and selfish ambition.


“Bitter jealousy” describes the __ sort of jealousy. It’s jealousy that’s harsh, sharp, cutting, and destructive. It’s jealousy that has no concern for the feelings or welfare of others.


“Selfish ambition” describes a person who lives with __, contentiousness, and extreme __.


  • The origin of worldly wisdom (v. 15)


James presents three of the most distinct characteristics of worldly wisdom that coincide with the three great enemies of the believer. Worldly wisdom is...


- Earthly (of the __)

- Natural (of the __)

- Demonic (of the __).


  • The results of worldly wisdom (v.16)


Two broad terms cover a lot of bad results: disorder and every evil thing.


“Disorder” has a basic meaning of __. It was used of a state of confusion, disturbance, disarray, or tumult, and even anarchy.


“Every evil thing” is the __ possible category of the bad results produced by human wisdom. Evil means worthless, vile, contemptible.