Sermon Notes 2023 09 24 PM

September 24, 2023 PM
Paul Gotthardt
(#14 in series)

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In Christ: Redemption and God's Plan 


Ephesians 2:10


The gospel is the good news that tells of God’s design, sin’s intrusion, and Christ’s solution for human flourishing.


The Redemption Story of God (The Gospel)



30,000-ft view 

Big story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation

Key Truth 1: Humanity is separated from God by sin and incapable of reconciling the relationship. (vv. 1-3)
- God’s design, sin’s intrusion


Key Truth 2: God loved us while we were sinners and made reconciliation possible through Jesus’ death and resurrection. (vv. 4-5)
- Christ’s solution for human flourishing


Key Truth 3: At salvation, we are united with Christ and our position is permanently changed according to God’s great and gracious purposes. (vv. 6-7)
- Christ’s solution for human flourishing


Key Truth 4: Salvation is God’s gift of grace that is received through faith in Christ. (vv. 8-9)
- Christ’s solution for human flourishing


Key Truth 5: As we __ in Christ, God accomplishes His good __ in us and through us.
- Christ’s solution for human flourishing


Why are we separated and incapable of reconciling?

How did God love us and make reconciliation possible?

What brought the change and why is union with Christ so important?

How does a person enter and abide in relationship with God?
What are some “good works” of God, and why is abiding in Christ necessary?



30-ft view

Individual truths of redemption in Ephesians 2

Apart from Christ we are...
- Dead in trespasses and sins (v. 1)
- Alive to the lusts of the flesh (vv. 2-3a)
- By nature, children of wrath (v. 3b)


God accomplished this work by:
- Jesus’ birth
- Jesus’ death
- Jesus’ resurrection


Christ’s work in redemption brought three big changes:
- “To make alive together with”
- “To raise up together with”
(synegeirō) “
- “To sit down together with”


Our relationship with God is:
- By grace
- Through faith
- Not of yourselves or your work


- “workmanship” - comes from “poima” where we get “poem”

- “in Christ Jesus” - speaks of positional truth; __

- “good works” - can be understood with John 15

- “walk” - a __, repeated behavior