Sermon Notes 2023 10 15 AM

October 15, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt

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How Do I Run to God for Refuge?


Psalm 62:8; Proverbs 3:5-6


Big Idea: God becomes our refuge when we learn to __ Him always and __ Him everything.


Notice the parallels between Psalm 62 and Proverbs 3.


What are we to __?

• Psalm 62: Trust in Him…

• Proverbs 3: Trust in the Lord…


__ are we to trust in Him?

• Psalm 62: …at all times…

• Proverbs 3: …in all your ways…


__ are we to trust in Him?

• Psalm 62: …pour out your heart before Him…

• Proverbs 3: …with all your heart…


What is our __?

• Psalm 62: God is a refuge for us.

• Proverbs 3: He will make your paths straight.


Trusting God is not the absence of __; it’s recognizing our __ and submitting our efforts to His complete control.


1 Peter 5:7, “Casting all your anxiety on Him...”

Psalm 62:8, “Pour out your heart before Him…”


You’ll never see God as your refuge if you constantly run __ for help.


Conclusion/Response: How can we pray for Israel?

- Pray for peace in Israel (Psalm 122:6).

- Pray for protection of innocent people in Israel (Psalm 122:6-8).

- Pray that God will reveal Himself and fulfill His eternal purposes for Israel (Isaiah 62:1-3).