Sermon Notes 2023 10 22 PM

October 22, 2023 PM
Alan Gotthardt

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The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven 


Matthew 18:1-5


Main Point: Humility is both the requirement for __ the kingdom of heaven and what determines our __ within it.


The World’s Understanding of Greatness


I have to achieve my own __.


This understanding makes us __ and __.


Selfish: because it forces us to look at relationships as __


Fragile: because it leaves us vulnerable to being crushed by unmet expectations and __


Jesus’ View of Greatness

The mark of true greatness is the one who __ himself to become the lowest.


How does this change the way we live?

1. It frees us from the __.

2. It frees us to enjoy relationships without __.

3. And to love the “least of these.”

4. It frees us to receive __.

5. It frees us from __.