Sermon Notes 2023 10 29 AM

October 29, 2023 AM 
Paul Gotthardt

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I Surrender All


Mark 10:17-22


Big Truth: Things don’t change because Jesus is in the __; things change because Jesus has become the __. 


What hinders people from fully following Jesus? What gets in the way of deep surrender?


  • We emphasize __ over truly __ Jesus. (vv. 17-18) 


  • We take __ in what we’re NOT instead of being __ over what we COULD BE. (vv. 19-20) 


  • We try to follow Jesus while clinging to greater __. (vv. 21-22) 


Jesus was not saying that “giving away everything” is the __ of eternal life. 


The call is not to poverty but to __. And discipleship is costly. 


Important Question: “Is there __ or __ I want more than Jesus?”