Sermon Notes 2023 11 05 PM

November 05, 2023 PM
Tim Johnson

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The Thief of Everything


Proverbs 14:30


Envy: the painful or resentful awareness of another’s advantage joined with the desire to possess the same advantage


Envy is a mix of “a __ for something with the __ that another is enjoying it and you are not.”
-John Piper


Envy is a dangerous __ that cannot be ignored because it affects __ of our life.


Envy will inevitably have a negative impact on every __ if not promptly addressed.


Envy will warp and distort our __ as it slowly steals our life of peace.


KEY TRUTH: Envy is born out of a heart that does not find God all-__.


Envy promises to supply what it __ — a peace that brings life to the body.


Only a daily, abiding relationship with Jesus can set our hearts at peace and bring life to our bodies.