Sermon Notes 2023 11 19 AM

November 19, 2023 AM
Bob Bakke

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Prayer and Our Identity in Christ


1) Prayer defines our relationship with __


2) Prayer defines our relationship with __


3) Prayer defines our __


4) Jesus is __ and our chief __


The essence of prayer is __ with God, the goal of the gospel.


“You are taking in the very __ of God.” (E. Stanley Jones)


This is why we pray __. (Jude 1:20) 


So, if we are __, we are __, and we are __.


Prayer is fundamental to the __ of Christ’s kingdom, even the __ of the age.


Revelation 4-5 shows that we will pray __.


This is why Jesus commands us to “pray, and __.” (Luke 18:1)


And Jesus is our chief __.


Finally, how do we learn to pray?


“There is no way to learn to pray but by __.


No reasoned philosophy of prayer ever taught a soul to pray. The subject is beset with problems, but there are no problems of prayer to the man who prays … and if prayer waits for __ it will never begin.” (Samuel Chadwick)