Prayer Opportunities

10,000 STRONG | Praying Together for Sherwood
Prayer changes everything. Part of the prayer initiative at Sherwood is to enlist the ongoing, targeted prayers of God’s people. We want to be specific without being overwhelming. In an effort to achieve that balance, we’ve targeted 10 key areas for prayer that impact the overall health and effectiveness of the church.

We’re asking God to bring 10,000 people who are willing to pray 10 minutes each month for these 10 prayer requests. That’s it.  A 10-minute investment each month can make a difference for eternity. Will you join us as we pray together for Sherwood?

Sunday Morning Prayer Team
Join Pastor Paul on Sundays at 7:45 am in the Worship Center as he leads a time of prayer over the worship services and all that is happening at the church. 

Spurgeon’s Prayer Room
During the ministry of Dr. Charles Spurgeon, several men would gather in a room underneath the pulpit to pray for Dr. Spurgeon as he preached and to pray for the people to respond to what the Lord had spoken through Spurgeon. At Sherwood, Spurgeon’s Prayer Room, located underneath the choir loft, exists for the same purpose. Men and women gather there to pray for each aspect of the service as it is occurring. We pray for our choir and orchestra as they lead in worship, our offering, the pastor as he preaches the Word, and the invitation – that people would be obedient in responding to the Lord and the lost would be saved.

Prayer Tower
Prayer is our first line of defense and our line of attack. It is in the realm of prayer that battles will be won or lost, souls will be confronted with the awesome salvation provided through Jesus Christ, and unity, power, love, and Christ-likeness will be achieved. We need literally hundreds of prayer warriors who will get before God on a consistent basis. Our goal is to have men and women praying in our Prayer Tower 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our ultimate goal is to have four people praying every hour, setting watch over the church and community.

House of Prayer
House of Prayer takes place Sunday Nights before the evening worship service. We meet in the Worship Center at 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm We invite you to join us weekly at this time and be still before the Lord. We pray for our church, nation and write prayer cards to those in need. Come join us this Sunday!

Prayer Walking
Prayer walking is a type of intercessory prayer that involves walking to or near a particular place while praying.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about these ministries please contact the church at 229.883.1910. If you are seeking someone to pray for a specific need you have, you can call the Prayer Line at 229.438.PRAY or click on the button at the top of the page.