Grow at Sherwood

We desire to partner with families and individuals to help each person grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. We invite you to join a Connect Group and mid-week Bible study this spring. We have activities and classes for preschoolers, children, youth, college students and adults. Connect Groups and weekly classes are provided so every member of the family can invest in spiritual growth and experience community life in a small group setting.

For questions about any of the following activities, please call the church office at (229) 883-1910.

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Connect Groups meet weekly on Sunday mornings!

Sunday Schedule:
7:45 am | Sunday Morning Prayer Time
8:15 am | Adult Connect Groups
9:30 am | Worship Service
11 am | Connect Groups for All Ages
5:30 pm | House of Prayer
6 pm | Worship Service


Connect Group classes are offered at 8:15 am and 11 am every Sunday. Preschoolers, children, students and college students will meet at 11 am.

8:15 am Connect Groups


Ruth's Shining Light
FELLOWSHIP 102 | Wilson, Powell + Pippin | Women 65+

Men Under Construction
FELLOWSHIP 103/104 | Weaver | Men 70-80+

Fishers of Men
FELLOWSHIP 101 | Collier | Men 70+


WORSHIP 108 | Hatcher | Couples 60+


Life Application

FAITH 203 | Flynt + Frantz | Couples 50-60s

11 am Connect Groups

Adult Connect Groups


Faith Seekers

Living Word 
JOY 122 | Mathis | Couples 60+

WORSHIP 109 | Beall + Majors | Women 70+

FELLOWSHIP 106 | Davis + Wari | Women 50+


The Journey 
FELLOWSHIP 103/104 | McDaniel + Smith | Couples 50s-60s

FELLOWSHIP 101 | Harrison + Johnson | Couples 50s

GYM | Butler, Howell + Spalinger | Couples 40-50s

Disciple Makers 
FAITH 202 | Davis + Perry | Couples 40-50s

FELLOWSHIP 109 | Fallin + Proctor | Couples 40-50s

Heart and Hands
FAITH 208 | Broome + Varnadoe | Couples 40-50s

FAITH 203 | Orr + Sheets | Couples 40-50s


FELLOWSHIP 108 | Maddox | 40+

FELLOWSHIP 107 | Bland + Mallery | Singles 28-39


Legacy Builders 
FAITH 210 | NeSmith | Couples 30-40s

His Will
WORSHIP 108 | Blackburn | Couples 30-40s

New Beginnings
FAITH 207 | Dziuban | Couples 30s

Going Deeper 
WORSHIP 107 | Dapper + Briseno | Couples 30s

FELLOWSHIP 102 | Lane + Ofodile | Couples 30-40s

FAITH 201 | Weaver | Couples 20+



FAITH 209 | Kelley + Richardson | Singles 20-28

FAITH 211 | Bennett | Singles 18-22


FELLOWSHIP 202 | Trochez | Spanish


ABIDE (Topical Class) 
WORSHIP 103 (Chapel) | Casey | Adults
January 16 – May 2
Abide | Sing: How Worship Transforms your life, family and church. We are a singing faith. Why does God want his people to sing?
Abide | Difference Makers: Living a life of Impact and Purpose. The Gospel changes us. Are we letting the Gospel change the world through us? 
Abide | All of Grace: Spurgeon teaches on the essence of justification, the nature of deliverance from sin, the connection between repentance and forgiveness, how salvation is a complete work of the Lord and more. 
Abide | Absolute Surrender: How do we surrender fully to the Holy Spirit and what fruit should such surrender bring in our lives?

Parenting from the Tree of Life
ABCC 102 | Sammy + Sheri Smith 

Children + Student Groups

Wee Care will be available during the 9:30 am Worship service and 11 am Connect Group.


Newborns | JOY 103
Crawlers | JOY 104
Walkers | JOY 106
Toddlers | JOY 107
2-Year-Olds A | JOY 109
2-Year-Olds B | JOY 110
3-Year-Olds A | JOY 112
3-Year-Olds B | JOY 113
4-Year-Olds A | JOY 114
4-Year-Olds B | JOY 115
4-Year-Olds C | JOY 116
Kindergarten A | JOY 117
Kindergarten B | JOY 118


1st Grade A-K | JOY 201
1st Grade L-Z | JOY 203
2nd Grade | JOY 205
3rd Grade A-K | JOY 206
3rd Grade L-Z | JOY 207
4th Grade A-K | JOY 210
4th Grade L-Z | JOY 208
5th Grade | JOY 211

JOY 215
The Buddy Ministry seeks to provide individualized care in a safe and compassionate environment during normal worship services for children with special needs, both physical and mental, and their families. Our ministry is equipped to minister to children ages preschool through elementary.

JOY 209 +213
Meets the first Sunday of the month.
The First Steps Class is designed to partner with parents as they walk their children through the most important decision their child will ever make: salvation. We believe it is our responsibility, as the church, to equip parents to be the chief disciple makers in their own home and preparing and helping them walk this time in the life of their child is one
of the best ways to do it.


6th Grade Boys | HOPE 109
6th Grade Girls | HOPE 108
7th Grade Boys | HOPE 107
7th Grade Girls | HOPE 105
8th Grade Boys | HOPE 104
8th Grade Girls | HOPE 103

9th Grade Boys | HOPE 208
9th Grade Girls | HOPE 102
10th Grade Boys | HOPE 202
10th Grade Girls | HOPE 206
11th Grade Boys | HOPE 207
11th Grade Girls | HOPE 209
12th Grade Boys + Girls | HOPE 201



9:30 am | January 4 – April 26
FELLOWSHIP CENTER | Stephanie Bennett
Precept: Hebrews Part 2 + 3
In these last days, God has spoken to us in His Son. What does He say about Jesus, angels, and our great salvation? Learn about Jesus’ superiority to all in this exciting study of Hebrews 5-13that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament law and prophecy. *Childcare provided, workbook for purchase in The Source, Bookstore, homework will be assigned

HOPE 204 + Elevate Cafe
6:30 pm | ECM Service starts
7:30 pm | FREE dinner
ECM mid-week service is our Tuesday night worship service for college students. Each week students get the opportunity to engage with God in worship and be challenged to hear from God’s Word.


Mid-Week Activities + Classes – Kick Off is January 5th!

Mid-week Bible studies, classes and activities are available on campus for spiritual growth in addition to Sunday morning Connect Groups. These Bible studies equip our members with evangelism opportunities and provide tools needed to thrive as believers. The majority of our classes take place on Wednesday nights. This section should guide you through areas in which you could use your spiritual gifts in service to others, attend classes to grow your personal walk with Christ, and build community with other Christians. Look around...we have a lot to offer!

5:00 pm–6:00 pm | FELLOWSHIP CENTER
Weekly menu and cost details:

Supper Menu

Adult CLasses

Most classes and activities begin at 6:30 pm. 

Choir + Orchestra 
Choir | WORSHIP 107

Explore the Word
FAITH 211 | Curtis Driver
Pray and study the Bible with old and young; single and married. Curtis Driver is currently leading an in-depth look at Ephesians.

What Does it Mean to be Chosen?
FAITH 208 | Bill Dunwoody 
This study from the streaming series The Chosen allows you to delve more deeply into each episode as you explore the life of Jesus. You'll come to realize that you are called, cherished, and carried; have been made new and established; are now His witness; and more.

Share the Gospel
FAITH 202 | Julian Maddox
The Gospel is the power of God fr salvation, yet we are all too often unsure of how to share it. Learn how to share your faith and why you believe what you believe, so you can share in the joy of seeing others come to faith.

Bible Studies For Life
FAITH 207 | Daniel Joiner
• Irrefutable | January 5–January 12 | Prophecies that point us to Jesus
• Seeking Justice in an Unjust World | January 19 | Study the Book of Obadiah to see how we can respond to trajic an unjust events in the lives of the opressed.
• How to Avoid Life's Pitfalls | January 26–March 2 | Study the Life of Joseph in the Book of Genesis.
• Living Life Connected to Christ | March 9–April 13 | See that our lives can be fruitful and abundant because we are connected to Christ.
• Jesus Lives–And You Can Too | April 20 | Understand the significance of the resurrection of Jesus, so you can tell others about it with confidence.
• Christ's Return: Living with the End in Mind | April 27–June 1 | Review what you need to know in orde to be ready for Christ's return.

Discover Sherwood
Come and learn what it means to be part of Sherwood and how you can plug in. This four-session introduction to the church will teach you about the mission and vision of our church as well as show you around our facility.

January 5–March 30
ABCC 103 | Philip Shirey, Ken Edmier + Jessica Tabarrok
Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. DivorceCare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.
You will learn how to heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for your future.

January 5–March 16
ABCC 102 | Tom + Brenda Pollock
GriefShare is for people grieving the death of a family member or friend. GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.


We Will Not Be Silenced 
6:30 pm | January 5–March 9
FAITH 209 | Steve Dziuban + Billy Guin
Erwin Lutzer unravels the complex threats faced by Christians in a society that has weaponized race, gender, sexuality and more to divide individuals and undermine freedom.

Growing Up
6:30 pm | March 16–May 25
FAITH 209 | Steve Dziuban + Billy Guin 
Growing Up take sthe guesswork out of growing closer ot the Lord and eqipping others to do the same. This book has the potential to change your life. 

30 Discipleship Exercises: The Pathway to Christian Maturity 
6:30 pm | January 5–August 10
30 Discipleship Exercise is a study featuring 30 different topics with six Bible verses for each lesson. The Scriptures selected are basic to the Christian life and witness.

Slaying the Giants in Your Life 
January 5–March 30
ABCC 101 | Matt Nowicki
Giants plague today's church. While they may not wield spears and shields, they are fearsome, causing far too many of God's children to stumble in their walks. In "Slaying the Giants in Your Life," Dr. David Jeremiah challenges us to stand valiantly against the giants that seek to terrorize today's believers.


Precept: Hebrews Part 2 + 3
January 5–April 27
FELLOWSHIP 103 + 104 | Kim Bland
In these last days, God has spoken to us in His Son. What does He say about Jesus, angels, and our great salvation? Learn about Jesus’ superiority to all in this exciting study of Hebrews 5-13 that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament law and prophecy. *Homework will be assigned

January 5–March 15
FELLOWSHIP 101 + 102 | Susan Sanders
In this verse-by-verse study of the Book of Hebrews, Jen Wilkin explores how God "provided something better for us" in the person of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 11:40). Through stories of Old Testament heroes and practices, the author of Hebrews demonstrates how the new covenant is superior to the old and how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every promise.

Living with the Difficult People in Your Life 
Begins March 23
FELLOWSHIP 101 + 102 | Susan Sanders
In this six-week Bible study, journey along with Abigal as she uses her influence in two men's lives - with different results. See how the empowerment of the Holy Spirit can help you deal with difficult people...without becoming difficult yourself!

Slaying the Giants in Your Life 
January 5–March 30
ABCC 101 | Heather Holton
Giants plague today's church. While they may not wield spears and shields, they are fearsome, causing far too many of God's children to stumble in their walks. In "Slaying the Giants in Your Life," Dr. David Jeremiah challenges us to stand valiantly against the giants that seek to terrorize today's believers.

Childcare is provided for all studies, and workbooks are available in The Source Bookstore.


Elevate Student Ministry
6th-12 Grade | HOPE BUILDING

6:00 pm-7:45 pm | Game Room/Cafe/Basketball
6:15 pm-7:05 pm | Middle School Elevate Worship
7:15 pm-8:15 pm | High School Elevate Worship


AWANA Cubbies
6:30 pm | K3-K4 | JOY Building 1st Floor
The heart of AWANA is the gospel message. AWANA strongly emphasizes memorizing and understanding Scripture while offering games and a variety of Bible related activities. Childcare is also offered for birth-2 years old, so parents may attend their own Bible study class, choir practice or serve elsewhere in the church.

Xploration Station with Sherwood Kids Praise
6:30 pm | JOY Building 2nd Floor
Children rotate through small group Bible study, Sherwood Kids Praise and recreation.

Kindergarten /1st Grade Boys | JOY 203
Kindergarten Girls | JOY 201
1st Grade Girls | JOY 205
2nd/3rd Grade Boys | JOY 208
2nd Grade Girls | JOY 210
3rd Grade Girls | JOY 206
4th Grade Boys + Girls | JOY 207
5th Grade Boys + Girls | JOY 211


January 15 | February 5 | February 19 | March 5 | March 19 | April 2 | May 14
Meet in the atrium by the Welcome Desk
Visitation is one of the ways Sherwood keeps in close contact with a growing congregation. Visitation encompasses visiting first-time guests who live in the community, guests who are new to the community or new members of the congregation.
If you would like to join the visitation team, please email Pastor Ken Bevel at [email protected] or call the church at 229.883.1910.

Serve Days

January 15 | February 19 | March 19 
At Sherwood, the statement “Prayer leads us to love God, grow together, serve others and change the world” is something we live out. As we look for more ways to put this into practice, we are serving our community once a month through Serve Days. Bring your families and serve with your church as we impact Albany for Christ. For more information, visit or call 229.883.1910.

Life Skills Classes
Classes on auto skills, work ethics, basic plumbing, hair cutting, sewing, math tutoring, wilderness essentials and carpentry offered. For more information or to register, visit

Sign up for Life Skills classes:

register for life skills classes

To volunteer to serve the community through these life skills classes, contact the church front office at 229.883.1910.

See a copy of the Grow at Sherwood Schedule Booklet below:

Grow at Sherwood Booklet