April 16, 2023 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#1 in series)

Wait: Wait for the Lord

Psalm 27:14

Key Truth: God __ us through the waiting to better embrace His __ on the other side.

Side Note: God’s silence may be __ or not right now, but silence is never __.

Question 1: What does it mean to wait for the Lord?
The word “wait” means “to __ together, look patiently, tarry or wait, hope or eagerly expect.”

Question 2: How are we to wait for the Lord?

David gives us a great pattern for waiting in Psalm 24. We are to…

1) Reflect upon God’s __ in the past.

2) Bring all our needs to Him in prayer.

3) Remember that it takes strength and __ to wait on God.

4) We should NOT take matters into our own hands.

5) Wait with an attitude of __ and confident expectation.

Question 3: Why should we wait for the Lord?

The simple answer is __. But Scripture also shares benefits of waiting for the Lord.

• God renews our __ if we wait on Him. (Isaiah 40:31)

• God is good to those who wait on Him. (Lamentations 3:25)

• God __ our prayers as we wait on Him. (Micah 7:7)

• God exalts those who wait on Him. (Psalm 37:34)

• God inclines His ear to our need, __ us, establishes us, __ us, and puts a new song in our mouths when we wait on Him. (Psalm 40:1-17)

Question 4: How long are we to wait for the Lord?

God’s best through __ is always better than our best right __!

Question 5: What should we remember when waiting for the Lord?

Each statement helps shape perspective.

• Vance Havner said, “He who waits on God __ no time.”

• Taking matters into our own hands can have devastating consequences for years to come.

• God’s __ often takes time.

• God is not in a hurry; He works from and for eternity.

• God uses the waiting to __ us for the answer.

• Everything has an appointed time; part of wisdom is waiting until God is ready.

• The enemy will use the waiting to fill our minds with __; we must use the waiting to renew our minds with __.

• If the answer has not yet come, it’s because the answer is not yet needed.